Three-Beam Spunmelt Non Woven Fabric Making Machine

In The Year Of 2002, CL Company Designed And Manufactured The China’s First Set SMS Spunmelt Non Woven Fabric Production Line.

SMS Non Woven Fabric Is Non-Toxic, Tasteless, Highly Effective At Bacteria-Proof, And It Is With Anti-Static,Anti-Alcohol,Anti-Plasma,Water Repellent And Hydrophilic Properties. This Is Idea Material For Sanitary Pad,Diaper,Surgical Covers,Wound Plasters,Marine Oil Pollution Cleaning And Industrial Rags,Etc

Three-Beam Spunmelt Non Woven Fabric Making Machine

Technical Specification

Part One: The Design Conception Of This Project Is As Following:

PP chips ---- Blending and Feeding --- Melting in the Extruder --- Prefiltration Recycled Materials

Color masterbatch -- Spinning -- Cooling with the Side Wind -- Air DraggingMeltblown

Cooling with the Side Wind -- Air Dragging---Web forming -- Thermal bonding --

Winding -- Cutting -- End Products

From the figure it can be seen that this SMS spunmelt line includes the following parts:

  1. Engineering: Electricity supply and distribution, Air conditioner and Cooling system.
  2. Spinning: PP chips feeding, Melt and Extruding, Spinning
  3. Web: Web forming, Thermal bonding and Winding
  4. Cutting: Semi-manufactured goods, Cutting, Packing
  5. Working time is calculated with four groups alternative.

Part Two: Products Specification And Processing

  1. Products specification : Weight 9-80 g/sqm, width 1600/3200/4200MM
  2. Quality Standard: According tothe international standard of SMS spunmelt nonwovens.
  3. Spinning: Feeding System: PP Chips and 10% of the raw material for the colorful PP Articles. Extruder temperature: (Adjusted according to the different MFI of different material)
  4. Metering Pump: Two pumps  
  5. Web Forming: Uniform at the cross direction, Decreasing from the air jet to the web former at the machine direction.
  6. Thermal bonding Width: 1600/3200/4200 mm
  7. Roller Type: The up one surface is fluting and the down one surface is smooth.Bonding area: As per fabric sample            

Part Three: M Section

  1. Raw material feeding system
  2. Masterbatch feeding
  3. Extruder
  4. Spin pump
  5. Spinning die
  6. Nozzle  
  7. Air heater
  8. Air compressor  
  9. Down suction system


  1. Winding Max width: 2000mm                  
  2. Cutting Effective width: 1600mm
  3. Max rewinding diameter:1000mm
  4. Steel platform

Part Four:  Electricity Supply and Autocontrol

  1. Spinning: There are six temperature controlling sections for the extruder
  2. Extruder pressure controlling system

Part Five: Speed Adjusting System For Metering Pump

  1. The system is made of three parts: speed setting unit, velometer and motor
  2. Speed setting unit
  3. Public engineering
  4. Pressure controlling system for air dragging
  5. All the cables for auto controlling is put in the cable bridge so as to avoid the interference.They are directly from the controlling room to the local.
Effective Width GSM Range Max. Speed Annual Capacity Daily Capacity
2400MM Line 8-80 500 m/min 5700 Tons/Year 16 Tons/Day
3200MM Line 8-80 500 m/min 7500 Tons/Year 21 Tons/Day
4200MM Line 8-80 500 m/min 10000 Tons/Year 28 Tons/Day

Three-Beam Spunmelt Non Woven Fabric Making Machine Process Flow

Three-Beam Spunmelt Non Woven Fabric Making Machine

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